We can perform solar repair for any size system. Designs and design documents can be prepared for any size solar project. One line schematics, roof layouts, specifications and other documents can be generated affordably and quickly. We can size your battery bank correctly for your application and battery sales and specification is our expertise.

ORCHID ISLE SOLAR and BATTERY is your f​ull service solar repair, design, engineering, installation and battery sales company. From concept to reality, we can do it all. With Electrical Engineering Degrees and NABCEP certified people on staff and hundreds of solar installations designed and installed, we can assist you from concept to reality. Make your power independence a reality. We proudly sell CROWN batteries.

Loads: These are the house circuits and appliances that the homeowner wants to power.

Energy Systems:

Any energy system has three component parts; the Energy source or energy generator section, the Energy storage section, and the load section.

Please look at the diagram to the right:

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Energy Source: The energy source can be a variety of things; solar, wind, geothermal, coal, or other generation sources

Energy Storage: The energy storage component can also be a variety of technologies; batteries, the utility grid, kinetic energy (momentum storage) or thermal storage (water battery).

We are a NABCEP certified solar design company. We focus on solar repair and battery evaluation and battery sales.

Solar Batteries: We specialize in solar repair and battery sales and service.

We are a CROWN battery dealer. CROWN batteries are an industry leader in solar. We offer Lead Acid and AGM batteries. We do all types of solar repair and battery sales and evaluation.